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On average, in The United States, six million people annually experience an urgent dental problem but lack access to a regular dentist or are unable to find a dentist who can see them quickly. Typical dental office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9-5. But everyone knows dental pain does not have set hours. So, what do you do when you have a dental emergency in the middle of the night? The American Dental Association documents over two million annual ED visits in the US for nontraumatic dental problems. However, Hospital Emergency Department (ED) dental visits are significant, costly public health problem. Furthermore, EDs not equipped or staffed to provide definitive dental solutions; the patient’s symptoms might be treated, but problems not resolved.

Finally, the answer is here: The TeleDentists. Much like any other specialty using tele-medicine, dentists are now able to perform video consults connecting through the patient’s laptop, tablet or smart phone to a virtual dentist. The TeleDentists deliver vital dental services virtually wherever, whenever a dentist is needed. They provide help with dental emergencies, answers to oral health issues, and training/education for patients and staff. People in need of support can consult with their dentist online and get the benefits of the right specialist so their care will be specific to their medical/dental needs. Oral disease is considered a silent epidemic worldwide and The TeleDentists is doing everything they can to alleviate this crisis.

Here’s how it works:

  • Dentist diagnoses the patient’s problem using advanced virtual care technology
  • Dentist provides e-script for antibiotic and/or non-narcotic pain medication.
  • Dentist arranges follow-on care as needed

Gold Coast Family Dental are now teaming up with The TeleDentists, the first national provider of teledentistry. By utilizing this new technology, our office is enhancing patient access to dental care and pain relief. We can eliminate guesswork as to what is happening in a dental emergency, thereby avoiding unnecessary trips to the office, and more importantly, ED or Urgent Care clinics. Finally, we are able to improve your oral health by providing virtual dental consults at any time, for any situation. This innovative model of teledentistry saves patients time and money by providing expanded access to your dentists.

For more information on teledentistry, visit The TeleDentists website:

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